Friendship Vending Machine


Friendship Vending Machine is a vending machine that you can “buy” friendship. By providing your own info, you can get a list of random friends info, then you can check them out through social networks.

We want to people to think, this behavior of purchasing friendship may sound ridiculous, but it is happened in our life already. We used to build friendship by doing something together, but now we can just meet people on internet, we can find many info even about a strange via social networks. Our personal info is easily found on internet as well.

To highlight these kind situation, we promote this Friendship Vending Machine for the following three power functions: MEGA FAST! HYPER SECURE! ULTRA FREE!

With this vending machine, you can find a new friendship fast, safe, and free! Good luck!





Concept: Elim Cheng

Graphic: I-Wen Lee / Lang Lee


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