Never Land Concept Design


Neverland, the new concept tablet, is the combined product of technology observation, competitor research and marketing trend. It is a strategically placed product that fulfills the need to share the tablet with household members. Neverland was first featured at the Computex 2012 and was favored by many brand clients.


The concept came from Disney’s story Peter Pan. Peter Pan had a partner, Tinker Bell, who was always there to support him. Just like Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, Neverland has a separable hand-held device which can be used as a mid-range remote control. The device also equips with the NFC function which allows users to quickly login to the system, each user can then use the hand-held device to access their cloud storage and retrieve their profiles, thus eliminating the inconveniences while switching users. Furthermore, the hand-held device can be operated as a cellphone or camera; this resolves the size and other limitation normal tablets have

More info:

Product Design: I-Wen Lee/Howard Yu

User Experience Design: Alix Chen/Elim Cheng


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