ORA / Smart Watch


ORA Smart Watch x Windows 8 Tile

In March, 2013, the next generation interaction gadget, the Google Glass, was featured at TED Talk Long Beach. Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin shared his vision at this event, reminding us not to forget the value of interacting with one another. Google Glass is built with two major features; a voice activate control which un-glues our hands from our phone, and its augmented reality feature that allows us to keep our eyes forward and see where the world is actually happening. The Google Glass gives us new perspectives of how we could / should interact with our technology and opens a whole new chapter in interactive controls.


Focusing on the matters that matter

ORA Smart Watch is part of that new chapter. This wearable device continues to carry the functions a smart device has and, at the same time, provides a more desirable interaction and better information filtering approach. Important information is always presented to date and is always ready when you need it.


ORA’s operating interface expands the Windows 8 Live Tile function. By integrating virtual Live Tiles onto a physical device (the watch), customized information are easily transformed into useable knowledge for your business / personal uses. Cellular phones are no longer the sole provider of information; we now have the option to liberate ourselves from staring at our phones ALL THE TIME, and finally being able to interact with real human beings as we should.

A simple way to operate

The ORA Smart Watch comes with several features to satisfy the needs of our users. First of all, it uses the NFC wireless technology; the ORA Smart Watch easily syncs with your smart devices and information on the watch is then maneuvered with easy and instinctive hand gestures which we are already familiar with. Secondly, the watch provides a superior battery management; while idle, the screen of the smart watch is set to off but it is always connected and synced. With the intergraded USB Port, you can always charge the device at office laptops, home computers or portable chargers that most of us already have. Last but not least, the Smart Watch is compatible with the future; the Smart Watch adapts to the Windows 8 ecosystem (Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8); this means you can constantly browse and personalize your device with newer and smarter applications.

1. Multitasking

Living life in the fast lane, being able to multitask becomes one of the most important abilities. The Stocks Live Tile allows you to keep your money under your eyes while you enjoy your everyday life.

2. Location based service
While traveling abroad and seeing the world, you can set your ORA Smart Watch to guide you through the hot spots when you are nearby.

3. Productivity
Work with efficiency, live life happily. The ORA Smart Watch NFC wireless sensor gives you instant login capability and has your files prepared, so you’re always ready to share.

sketch of ORA watch




project leader: Alejandro Zamudio

designer: I-Wen Lee, Summer Hsieh, Wen-Ham Chiang





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